"Benefit from the fruits of our labour!
Bring the beauty and bounty of a fruit garden to your home"


The beauty of an apple tree in full bloom. The smell of cherry blossoms gently perfuming the air. The exquisite taste of freshly picked strawberries and raspberries. Only in the country you say…
Not anymore! At Urban Eden, we want to bring all of this right to your home.

In an area as small as 8 feet in diameter, you can grow a dwarf fruit tree that will produce fruit that is every bit the size of standard trees, which need as much as 40 feet. So even a modest sized urban and suburban lot can find space for 2 or 3 dwarf trees.

And not just trees. An area of 3 feet by 10 feet is enough for a bed of strawberries or a row of raspberries that will supply enough berries for a small family. I am a trained horticulturist, and in the 25+ years that I have been practising, I have noticed that fruit trees and shrubs that were once common in many home landscapes have all but disappeared, even though new growing techniques lend themselves especially well to the home environment.

In fact many suburban lots are situated on land that was at one time very fertile agricultural land. So, there is a good chance that the yard surrounding your home was at one time an orchard.

Examples of Fruit Trees - Fruit Gardens: What we offer

green apple