Our approach to landscaping is to always begin by improving the look of your existing perennial beds, shrubs and trees as much as possible. This can be accomplished by:

leaf Clean-up and renovation of tired looking flower beds and rock gardens

leaf Restorative pruning and care of overgrown shrubs that have many old and weak branches

leaf Pruning and training trees with poor branch structure.

It’s surprising how often homeowners want to get rid of perennials, shrubs and trees that are not visually appealing where proper pruning literally transforms them into plants that become the focal points for their gardens. Why get rid of a 10-year-old shrub, which you have invested considerable time and money just to replace it with a much smaller specimen from a nursery, which might not survive after 1 year? Rejuvenate it by proper pruning and maintenance and it will become a source of pride and beauty in your garden!

Examples of garden designs - Examples of renovation pruning
flower garden