Fruit Gardens

Midwest Fruit Explorers – an organization of backyard fruit grower enthusiasts from the Chicago area.
Gene’s Backyard Orchard - One of Gene’s favorite sayings is "If you have enough room to grow a rose bush, you can grow a dwarf apple tree ... and they give full size fruit."
Home Orchard Society – Organization from Oregon whose purpose is to assist both the new and experienced fruit growers in the science, culture and pleasure of growing good fruit in the home orchard.
City Farmer – Canada’s Office of Urban Agriculture. From UBC.
From Dave Wilson Nurseries in California. What Is Backyard Orchard Culture?


University of Nebraska: Spring Pruning of Deciduous Shrubs
Better Homes and Gardens: Revitalize and Renovate Shrubs
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens: Special Cases: Pruning for particular purposes
This Old House: The Kindest Cut
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