leaf Design and installation of dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees tastefully arranged in small groups to       fit into a corner section of your yard. We will incorporate modern elements of organic orchard       production but scaled down for the backyard environment. Apple, pear, plum, and cherry trees       may be used depending on availability.

leaf Dwarf fruit trees trained in containers; ideal for your porch or patio and for condominium owners       where no yard is available

leaf Decorative training and trellising of trees to fit into narrow spaces and against walls i.e. espaliers       and cordons

leaf Consultation, Pruning and training of fruit and ornamental fruit trees. Renovation pruning of       existing fruit trees

Small Fruits

leaf Installation of Strawberry plants in raised beds

leaf Installation of Red and Black Raspberry plants arranged in a hedgerows

leaf Installation of Highbush Blueberry shrubs

leaf Installation of Grape Vines on trellises to train and support the vines.